Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Save money - buy spices & herbs in bulk!

One of the things I always shake my head at in the grocery store is the pre-packaged herbs and spices. Not long ago I found a retailer in my area that offers herbs and spices in bulk containers -- I measure out exactly how much I need, the cashier weighs it, and I save dollars per ounce. What an epiphany it was!

Buying in bulk provides a tremendous cost savings and typically fresher products. Bulk herbs and spices are not everywhere in our state, but I'm sure there are numerous online vendors.

Apart from the lower cost (b/c we're not paying for packaging, large processing facilities or national marketing), bulk is also less wasteful -- I usually only need a small quantity of each product; if I had a whole jar it would likely lose its flavor and I'd have to throw it out.

And now that I buy bulk, I have a reason to reuse the nice little glass jars from my previous pre-packaged buying mistakes (rather than have them stored at the landfill -- I heard today that Cheyenne has a mountain of glass that they're waiting for someone to recycle).

Happy bulk shopping!

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