Friday, August 22, 2008

Teaching your kids to budget and spend money wisely

As promised yesterday, today I am going to tell you about a great tool for teaching your kids to budget and spend money wisely. If done right, this tool shouldn't cost you an additional cent. My guess is, you already have this tool available to you.

Are you wondering what it is!?! Is the anticipation getting to you yet!?! Are you ready to strangle me if I don't hurry up and tell you!?!

Okay, okay - - it's an allowance. "An allowance" you say in puzzlement. Yep, an allowance. Not only is it a source of fun spending money for your kids but used wisely, it can teach them valuable lessons about saving money and making decisions on where to spend money.

Check out the article "Back to School Allowance Advice for Parents" on


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