Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Paying extra to pay your bills on time?

Okay, I know it sounds ludicrous but it happens. It has almost happened to me a couple of times. There I was trying to do the right thing and pay my bill on time (granted, it was at the last minute because time had gotten away from me) and the customer service representative told me it would cost an additional $15 to pay over the phone. Think this is unusual!?! Then check out the article on MSN Money "And now, a fee to pay your bill." According to the article companies aren't just using fees to ofset their costs but they are also using them to make additional money. Luckily I have either been able to talk my way out of the fee or have been able to pay online.

Speaking of online payments, according to this same article paying on the internet is now considered safer than sending a payment by mail. Are you reading this Mom?

So now it is your turn. What have been your experiences. Who does this type of policy on the part of these companies hurt the most?



SLA said...

Yes, there is a utility company in Cheyenne, (I will not disclose their name but it rhymes with By-ann, plight and gruel...) makes you pay an EXTRA fee to pay with them via the internet or telephone. WTH? Do you want your stinking over-priced fuel bill paid timely or not???

Juliet - Southeast Area Community Development Extension Educator said...

One way to avoid the extra fees and ensure your payment arrives on time is to set up your account with auto pay. This is the route I have gone for most of my bills and to make my payment with the unnamed utility company you mentioned in your comment.