Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer vacations on a budget.

Who says you can't go on a vacation without destroying your budget. I certainly don't. Although your sanity might be another matter entirely. This past weekend, my husband and I treated our nieces to an extremely cost effective (albeit labor intensive) mini vacation. For just a few dollars more than we would have spent if we had stayed at home our nieces got to enjoy a "water park", "botanic gardens", "gourmet meals" and a "meditational retreat center". Where did we go you might ask. Just up the road to Vedauwoo.

Twenty two miles from our house we pitched a tent (the "meditational retreat center") next to a natural spring (the "water park") near a meadow (the "botanic gardens") and grilled steaks, corn on the cob and banana boats (the "gourmet meal") over an open fire. The girls are still ooohing and awing over the banana boats. I'm more than happy to share the banana boat recipe, I'm just waiting for someone to request it in the comments section following this post.

For those of us living in Wyoming, we are blessed to be right smack dab in the center of a vacation destination. So, do as we did and save a bit of money by enjoying the amenities we have right in our backyard. Your children, relatives, significant other, etc. should enjoy it just as much as we did and you will sleep easy at night knowing you had fun while still able to put away a few bucks towards a rainy day.

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